Thursday, November 29, 2012

      There seems to be no stopping the Bajan beauty as she remains on her throne at the top of the R&B/Pop world with her 7th debut album "Unapologetic" . Rihanna sits comfortably at the top of the Billboard's 200 chart. Rihanna's new album has everyone doing less talking and more listening. WIth featured like ex or current boyfriend Chris Brown, David Guetta, Eminem, Future and more, Rihanna speaks on her earth shocking news of the abusive incident between her and Chris Brown called "Love Without Tragedy", to the fun life she leads with records like "Pour It Up" and "Fresh Off The Runway" ,and puts the public and spectators in their place with the track entitled " Half Of Me".  Rihanna's major hit "Pour It Up" was once again written by the hip hop/pop/alternative rap group and song writers Planet 6/VI formerly known as Rock City. Rihanna has been able to capture the male's attention as well with this album making it relatable on all levels. What is your favorite track on Rihanna's 7th album?
Hip Hop has changed drastically the past ten years, but its seems to be shifting back to the fundamentals of fun, messages, lyricism , and delivery. Fortunately the Billboard's have recognized the ear of the people. California's Kendrick Lamar debuted his album " good kid, M.A.A.D City"  on the charts at number one for almost three weeks and just recently put to number two on the Billboard's Rap chart by shooting sales of newly released Pitbull's album " Global Warming". Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" lands at number three and 2 Chainz "Based On A T.R.U Story"  than Meek Mill "Dreams and Nightmares". Though many may consider this to be a tainted opinion, it speaks numbers of what the people like to hear.
   Kendrick Lamar's album released with influences from the late Tupac Shakur is filled with multiple story telling methods and references. His album releases messages that are relatable and  lyrics  that are not just similes but metaphors to the listeners. Kendrick's album put emphasis on lyricism as well as artist Pitbull. Both albums have your fun tracks to your serious retrospective pieces. While the jury is still out on Nicki Minaj's new release as to if it is hip hop or not, it still debuts with great respect from her fans. Shocking to see Meek Mill under 2 Chainz in the chart?  Well it could be kind of odd being that the substance on one is more than the other, that argument can easily be won if we the people go out and support our music artist.

     Ruff Ryder's first and only lady, Eve, also known as "The Illest Pitbull in a Skirt" on in route to making her stamp in hip hop once again. Artist Eve who was on much like a hiatus since her last lp in 2007, "Here I Am".  Although that album was not as big an impact compared to her prior lp "Scorpion" released in 2001, with features that landed Eve on an even bigger international scale such as No Doubts' Gwen Stefani. Now she is back and ready to give hip hop the sound left of everything that is currently considered right. Eve has revealed features for her new album said be dropped April 2013, with collabos with artists such as Chrisette Michelle, and of course her fellow Ruff Ryder artists. Eve is ready and expects there to be some backfire on her style because of the lack of standards in hip hop right now, but fears little as she attacks her comeback head on. She released her first track "She Bad Bad", which has not received much support from local stations in the East coast but what do you think?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hello all promoters, supporters, djs, and so forth, I am sending this message to inform you of the change in venue but not vybz. Punk Rock 9 : The Movie has not been cancelled just moved to a new location. You'll be informed of where the new venue is, just finalizing it at the moment. I thank you for your support and promoting I request the same love if not more to push this twice as hard once the new venue is finalized. Thank you again for the support and sorry for the inconviencence but Punk Rock 9: The Movie will be just as big, vybz will be just as crazy August 4th 2012. Thank you and see you there!

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